10 Great Fundraising Ideas

Set a goal for the year – Be ambitious but know how much you want to make to cover your expenses for the year, that way as you get closer to it your team will feel a greater sense of pride and motivation to reach that total! Often when you set a goal you end […]

How To: The Social Business Model Canvas

The social business model canvas is just the business model canvas reinvented with a few little changes to make sure you’ve thought about every angle of your social enterprise. It helps you identify who your beneficiaries should be, develop a clear pathway for the kind of social impact you want to have and measure your […]

Our 2018 Enactus UK Project stories

She Inspires – University of Essex  SEEING OPPORTUNITY During their needs assessment, Enactus Essex found that according to The Anti Human Trafficking Unit in Ghana, 4 out of 114 trafficking cases reported in 2016 were sex-trafficking related. Furthermore, for victims of sex trafficking, the traumatic experience leaves a huge impact on their wellbeing, making them prone […]

Intrapreneurship and The Future of Work

Intrapreneurship has recently emerged as a concept, it describes how employees within a larger organization use entrepreneurial skills to solve specific issues for that organization from within. Enactus students are both entrepreneurs with a focus on developing their own social enterprises but also intrapreneurs within the larger university setting. As recruiters begin to recognize the importance […]