London School of Economics and Political Science

Vita Nova meaning “New Life” in Latin, builds on the idea of renewal and re-birth. The project aims to empower NEETs in London and help them move to a new stage in their lives, be it employment, education or training.

Our mission statement is: Investing in young people to develop essential skills and to experience how to have a positive impact on the environment. With skills workshops, we hope to give our beneficiaries the opportunity to take control of their situation. Vita Nova follows the SkillsBuilder Framework which outlines 8 key skills essential in the context of education and employment. With regards to having a positive impact on the environment, each skill-based workshop will integrate aspects of environmental sustainability into the course material and activities. This helps to sync our main aims of educating young people and promoting a positive impact on the environment.

With the help of our beneficiaries, we aim to reduce the landfill waste from the fast-fashion industry by working with them to repurpose donated clothing items. They will be converting donated clothes into tote bags, improving their teamworking, problem solving and creativity skills(all of which are part of the SkillsBuilder Framework).

What Global Goals are we working towards?

4 – Quality Education

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

13 – Climate Action

How can you help us?

We are currently looking to move into the implementation stage of the project which includes creating course booklets for NEETS. We are also looking to create a network of clothing retailers to collect donated clothes from and to sell tote bags to. If you have expertise or connections please get in touch!