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Over 10% of the world population is estimated to be dyslexic. Particularly in Africa awareness of the difficulties people living with dyslexia face is largely unknown which has caused a great problem with inequality in the education system. Many of these young people will be branded ‘Lazy’ or ‘Unintelligent’, this is gross misinformation, as dyslexia has always been a taching problem as opposed to a learning one.

SoniMind aims to recover the educational potential currently being lost in African youth due to the unawareness of these learning difficulties. We will do this by first providing a free-to-use dyslexia awareness website for teachers and parents alike to offer insight on the learning difficulties and also some advice on proven remedial methods.

The second phase of the project will be to create a teacher training course, to educate teachers on how best to work with dyslexic children, therefore, removing the stigma that has long been inaccurate, held against those who suffer from learning difficulties. The course will also train teachers on general pedagogy and teaching excellence in the hope that they can then find long term employment and effectively deliver a fairer teaching style, focused on inclusive classrooms particularly for young people with learning difficulties.

What Global Goals are we working towards?

4 – Quality Education

8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

10 – Reduced Inequalities

How can you help us?

We are currently developing our first website on Dyslexia Awareness and looking for support with web design.