University of Bath

Reconnect is all about the relationship between autism and work. We strive to reduce the inequalities people on the autism spectrum innately face in access to employment. We do this by running skill sessions for autistic students and by collaborating with companies to increase both sides’ understanding of the issue. Over the past two year our main focus has been on the issues faced by students on the spectrum. The activities run by Reconnect not only increase the participants’ employability, but dramatically increase their confidence as well. Last year we partnered with AIG to offer an exclusive insight day attended by a student from the University of Bath. This year, we aim to expand the project to tackle issues facing employers when hiring persons with autism and to extend our help to both younger and older beneficiaries.

What global goals are we working towards?

8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

10 – Reduced Inequalities

How can you help us?

As we are trying to reach employers with whom we can have open discussions about autism in the workplace, we are looking for companies interested in hiring autistic talent to contact us. We are specifically looking for support and advice on how to best reach companies to push for equality in access to employment. We are also looking for companies open to the idea of working with autistic students & job-seekers directly.