University of Bristol

Picture This is a charitable scheme which aims to improve the mental health and self-confidence of homeless people, through a series of weekly art workshops. We intend to run structured – but relaxed – art sessions for homeless people where we will teach them to use media such as charcoal, pastels or inks. Through our research we found that a significant proportion of homeless people reportedly suffer from low mental health and self-esteem, and through teaching them a new skill our goal is to help them regain confidence while experiencing the therapeutic benefits of art.

A secondary aim of the project is to raise awareness of the problems faced by homeless people, as well as help change perceptions of them. Many homeless people have commented on the fact that, to many, they appear ‘invisible’, or somehow beneath the notice of those who do not live on the streets. This is something that we would like to take steps to change by putting on an exhibition showcasing the work created by the homeless people who have attended our weekly workshops. At this exhibition, we will also sell products (i.e. postcards, calendars) to raise money for either a homeless charity, or for those who actually participated in the workshops. We hope that the exhibition would allow people to view homeless people in a more empathetic light, and be able to understand them as individuals. As well as this, exhibiting the work of the homeless people who have attended our workshops will help boost their self-confidence, as they will see that their work and abilities have gone towards it.

What Global Goals are we working towards?

3 – Good Health and Wellbeing

How can you help us?

We currently have our idea as well as a plan of how to move forward, but we are looking for a project partner to help us, particularly one who has had experience working with this beneficiary group and can offer ethical and practical guidance and support.