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Hikikomori is a form of social withdrawal (cultural bound syndrome) that is most prominent and severe in Japan. This is mainly due to extreme societal pressure that leads to abuse, bullying at school or workplace – causing them to isolate themselves, but is not primarily caused by mental illness. The Japanese Government’s Ministry of Health defines hikikomori as complete isolation from society for more than 6 months. They estimated Japan’s hikikomori population from 15-64 yrs are 1.15 million-2 million and eventually topping 10 million over the next few years. The problem is due to the lack of awareness, support and their mindset. Hikikomori also revolves around the 8050’s problem, Futoko, Karoshi and Kodokushi.

Hikulation aims to assist hikikomori through online courses from a website that provides valuable skills and opportunities used in the real world (e.g emotional intelligence, communication, money management, volunteering. etc.) in order to motivate and build them up with confidence and integrate back into society or starting a new life. Additionally working with local organisations in Japan to organise social gatherings with special incentives via a credit system, obtained by taking more online courses overtime.

What Global Goals are we working towards?

3 – Good Health and Wellbeing

4 – Quality Education

How can you help us?

We are currently looking for a website/graphic designer that is interested in designing a website for the project. We are also looking for support to look for charitable and local organisations in Japan that aims to help similar beneficiaries that are preferably English speaking. Additionally, guidance on running an international project.