Northumbria University

We, the members of ‘Get Piezo’, are working on a prototype which will harvest energy from people to address the growing energy crisis. The prototype will use vibrating piezoelectric crystals to generate small scale electricity which can be placed in areas with high people traffic. Piezoelectric pathways can generate sufficient energy to light up a street and a simple circuit connected to a piezoelectric transducer connected to a battery can save energy for future use. The potential uses of this energy are Street lighting, Mobile phone charging station, Electric bike charging points, Powered security gates, Heated/cooled bus stops, Floodlights for playing facilities and many more. Currently our goal is to provide electricity to low-income families in the area of Newcastle Upon Tyne, but in the future we are determined to spread this technology to other countries and take this project internationally.

What Global Goals are we working towards?

1 – No Poverty

7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

How can you help us?

We are currently building our prototype and looking for support with manufacturing and design.