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Did you know that the largest difference in students’ grades comes from extracurriculars?

Recently, the University of Bath carried out research addressing extra-curricular participation, soft skills and social mobility in the UK. Data showed that extra-curricular activities gave young people confidence in social interactions, provided them with new skills, abilities, broadened their long-term career aspirations, as well as found a strong positive link between these activities and educational outcomes. Unfortunately, despite all these benefits, there are barriers; income, cost and limitation of availability, with 11.3% of young people in the UK being NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

Enriching Future Generations is an Enactus social enterprise project that wants to challenge this, widening participation and building a gateway to teach young people skills such as collaboration, time management and social impact – through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Active workshops are able to leave students with knowledge and skills to effect meaningful change in their communities. Currently, workshops are planned to run every 2 weeks, with longer ‘impact days’ held on INSET days. EFG is looking to support students from all backgrounds in becoming the future generation of leaders, engaging with communities and becoming proactive, young adults.

EFG believes that future generations require knowledge outside of the classroom and curriculum. The expectations of employers are growing, with our education system not being able to keep up. Less than half (42%) of teachers surveyed say schools are instilling the skills students need in the world of work, which we need to challenge. The future won’t be sustainable without the right education, and that’s what EFG aims to provide. Education of the future has to engage with the sustainability of the world.

What Global Goals are we working towards?

4 – Quality Education

8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

How can you help us?

Right now we are looking for support in terms of assessing needs of our target market as well as support with finding an incremental and sustainable method in order to tackle the lack of soft-skill provision in schools effectively.