University of Bath

The project idea is to run student-led plant-based cooking lessons on campus open to students coming to university and having to cook for themselves for the first time, but lacking knowledge and experience in the kitchen.

The main purpose of this project is educational, but will also, importantly, support the university’s focus on tackling physical and mental health. Considering that unhealthy diets are responsible for more pre-mature deaths than any other factor in the world, there is an obviously link between our health and whats on our plate. The food we eat is also intrinsically and undeniably related to how we feel as well. You cannot tackle mental health without addressing diet and teaching people how to cook nutritious and nourishing food is a long-term life skill, that improves both physical and mental health.

By choosing to encourage plant-based food, there is an additional environmental focus, showing students that vegetables and pulses deserve centre place on your plate, and can be delicious, flavourful and fulfilling in an infinite number of ways. Given additionally that food waste is the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the importance of giving students adequate skills to counter this, is irrefutable.

There will be a focus on student friendly meals, in the sense of minimal equipment, time and budget. The project will bringing people together not only to cook, but also eat their shared meal, meaning they would importantly be a social angle as well. Students will also leave these sessions with any leftover food, a recipe card, and lifelong knowledge and skills they can share with their flatmates, friends and family.

What Global Goals are we working towards?

3 – Good Health and Wellbeing

How can you help us?

Right now we are looking for advice on how to implement our project.