London School of Economics and Political Science

Through the hardships of sleeping rough, the homeless no doubt have a wealth of experiences to share. From stories of how they’ve managed to overcome difficulties to lighter tales of interesting things, they’ve seen on the streets, these usually unheard and side-lined individuals have so many lessons we can all learn from. As Told By Them is a podcast series that aims to give homeless individuals a voice, an opportunity to come forward and contribute their story in an engaging 15-minute narrative. Our goal is to produce 5 podcast episodes per term.

Beyond the podcast, we will also be providing support to those who are part of the project. We see the podcast as the first step of building confidence and reintegrating back into society. In the long term, we hope to provide our beneficiaries with more long-term employment opportunities such as internships and placement positions with affiliates.

What Global Goals are we working towards?

10 – Reduced Inequalities

How can you help us?

We are currently searching for organisations to work with and looking for support to link us up with organisations.