5 Tips For Online Tests From Centrica

5 Tips For Online Tests From Centrica

1. Plan Ahead: Don’t just cram all of your revision into the day before you want to take the test, plan ahead! You may have to repeat the tests at your assessment centre, so make sure you actually understand the material rather than just learning to a test. Split your time based on your strengths in each area, but don’t neglect the one you think you can do… refresh your knowledge and test yourself! And don’t forget the personality tests as even these could be revised for by referring to Centrica’s values!

2. Bitesize is your BEST Friend! The tests go up to about GCSE level in terms of skill…. but as your GCSEs were at least 4 years ago, you have probably forgotten things! Rather than convincing yourself you remember, swot up and focus on the areas you struggle with in an easy and fun way! BBC Bitesize also often has tests at the end of each section so you can make sure you definitely understand the concept before moving on. As a final top tip, make sure you cover converting percentages and fractions, and percentage increases and decreases too as these often come up!

3. Think about the test packages available. The style of the tests within Centrica are very scenario based, so make sure you get use to that before you take the real thing! Many alumni used https://www.assessmentday.co.uk/, although this does have a cost per subject. Just remember that the cost of the package will be small compared to the gain from securing the graduate job of your dreams. You can probably also use the packages to practice for other schemes as well – and as soon as you get the job of your dreams the cost won’t matter too much.

4. Practise, practise, practise! I know it sounds obvious but the psychometric tests are where the most candidates fail and are eliminated from the process; they are hard for a reason. Remember you are investing in your future so an extra day’s revision before you take them could make all of the difference!

5. Remember you can do it! You are already incredible. You work/run a project that is changing people’s lives. A few tests shouldn’t be a problem as long as you commit to putting some time in and working on your weaker areas! They do need to eliminate some people though so work hard but don’t be disheartened if it’s you!

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