As part of the NextGenLeaders programme, we run various sessions for each school team to support them in developing both their project ideas and team, as a whole. Last Thursday, I visited Nottingham Academy, at their Greenwood campus to host a session around plastic waste, along with helping them to develop their team structure!


The session involved the team brainstorming ideas around how they could possibly reduce plastic waste within their local community and who they could potentially contact to provide them with further insight into the issue. Additionally, the team will be addressing the issue of homelessness to help empower the homeless through their project by providing them with the platform to develop various skills that they desire to work on, throughout the project implementation phase.


The team are currently in the process of creating an awareness campaign around the topic of plastic waste and will aim to start upcycling plastic items that would otherwise be discarded and start selling them within their local market in Nottingham to generate revenue, which would go towards the development of their project.


It was great to visit the team and to witness their enthusiasm towards making a real change within their community, along with raising awareness of two very important issues that are having an impact on the lives of many!


I look forward to seeing the progress the team make in the coming weeks.


Indy Sira

Schools Programme Manager