1. Set a goal for the year – Be ambitious but know how much you want to make to cover your expenses for the year, that way as you get closer to it your team will feel a greater sense of pride and motivation to reach that total! Often when you set a goal you end up making more than you planned too
  2. Charity Pots – Remember those pots everyone puts their change in at a supermarket till? Why not buy a few and contact your local supermarkets or stores on campus to see if they will display them for you? Each one holds about £40 and requires very little time for you to make that money, fundraising was never easier!
  3. Look up what deals you can get at local businesses – buying and selling for a profit is a great way to make money, did you know that Krispy Kreme will sell their original glazed donuts to you for a fraction of the price in bulk if you’re a charity?
  4. Combine your fundraising with a social – can you rent out one of your student union venues for free and charge entrance to a club night? or run a poker night where people have to buy in to play? Maybe play some urban games or have one of your craftier members teach a class for money, make money and have fun doing it.
  5. Run a challenge – Jailbreak is a great example of a challenge which you can charge people to take part in, it’s normally very popular with students but can be very intense while its happening so you need to make sure you have the manpower to coordinate it and funding to get people back from wherever they end up if need be!
  6. Make it personal – if you are asking people for sponsorship, consider sending them a handwritten letter or asking them face to face, and bring all your enthusiasm for your projects to why you should be sponsored! Make sure they feel appreciated too, a handwritten thank you note goes a long way.
  7. Use your project partner – is your project partner a charity with their own following? Make sure they know what fundraising events you are doing and where your go fund me page is so they can promote them to their network and extend your reach.
  8. Use photos – if you are using a just giving or go fund me page to raise money, fundraisers with photos on them make an average of 14% more than those without pictures, a page with a target also makes 46% more than those without targets!
  9. Don’t forget about the oldies – Sometimes you just need to make some easy money, you don’t have to be creative with every fundraising event you run, organize your members to bag pack at a supermarket or bake cakes for a cake sale on campus.
  10. It’s not over till its over – If you are running a sponsored event, 20% of sponsorships come in after the event has actually finished so make sure you keep asking for sponsorship afterward, promote the outcomes of the event and follow up with people who haven’t paid yet.