Four years after its initial introduction, the new Global Edition of the educational board game Business on the Move ( has been formally launched at the offices of international law firm HFW in central London.   This latest version of the game has been designed to have even more international appeal in a competitive and globalised world without losing the essential simplicity and fun of the popular UK edition.

With few of the 2,800 copies of the original version left, a cross-section of 42 supply chain organisations from around the world have come together to make the new Global Edition of Business on the Move a reality. The game’s core concept remains the same with players running multimodal businesses delivering freight as quickly, profitably and responsibly as they can. Players must make the same decisions businesses make every day.  How do I deliver? Will I make a profit? How should I grow? How can I cut my carbon footprint?

The new Global Edition of Business on the Move retains its versatility to meet the needs of widely differing learners, from pupils in primary school to post-graduates in international supply chain management, as well as seasoned professionals looking to convey the ‘big picture’ of logistics to trainees new to the sector.

Patricia Smedley, one of the game’s two co-creators and a Director of the social enterprise behind Business on the Move, comments on the game’s relevance: “At a time of skills shortages and increasing globalisation it has never been more important to build the curiosity and interest of young people in supply chains from an early age. It is important that ‘Logistics & Supply Chains’ become a career of choice rather than a fortunate accident. This requires those businesses and organisations in the sector to connect with young people, celebrating the importance of the industry, its relevance to their learning and its intrinsic ‘wow’ factor.”

The Enactus Bedfordshire team were invited to take part in the launch event and feedback on the game, presenting to the other attendees the benefits the game has in the higher education sector. Vespasian Barbu, the team leader at Enactus Bedfordshire said the game was ‘really interesting and many students don’t have the knowledge of how the products are distributed and the different ways they actually get on our shelves.’

The new global edition brings with it some new and significant features:

  • The game is inherently global rather than UK-centric, featuring international sponsors from around the world;
  • Trade flows are both west-to-east and east-to west and the currency used is US dollars, reinforcing its realism and international appeal;
  • New dimensions such as being able to invest in ‘Skills training’ or ‘Electronic Data Interchange’ enable players to shape their own fortunes and make the game even more interactive than the first edition;
  • The ‘Development Opportunity’ space on the new game board offers businesses a simple and cost-effective way to donate branded game sets to their local school(s). By adding their logo to this dedicated space on the game board and on the accompanying cards, an organisation can become an active part of playing the game.


The new Global Edition of Business on the Move represents an innovative and fun way for supply chain organisations to do just that, while at the same time enhancing their corporate social responsibility. Very much as planned, some two thirds of the first edition games, funded by business sponsors, were donated to primary schools, secondary schools and colleges all over the UK. What was certainly not envisaged back in 2014 was that Business on the Move would prove so popular elsewhere:

  • Business on the Move is in more than 90 universities across the world including higher education establishments in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and, for reasons still unclear, especially Finland!
  • Businesses involved in diverse aspects of the supply chain from trucks to trains, boats and planes, and freight forwarders across the globe, have purchased the game, regarding Business on the Move as a way of conveying the “big picture” of what they do.
  • Training departments see the game as providing a sectoral overview which new apprentices and graduate recruits really value.
  • UK regions such as the North West (through Peel Ports) and Humberside (through Modal Training) have invested in batches of bespoke games. The latest such order is for a customised game for Kenya.
  • Given Business on the Move launched well before it was even decided to hold a referendum, let alone leave the EU, it is perhaps the game’s growing appeal overseas across five continents that is most striking. More than 40% of sales are exports and that’s before this launch of the new global edition.


Production of the new Global edition has received steadfast support from the game’s six headline sponsors, namely CHEP/Brambles, Clipper Group, DP World, Heathrow Cargo, HFW and Kuehne+Nagel. The focus for the new edition is to use the global sponsorship to reduce the selling price by some 30%, making the game more widely accessible to all forms of education and training institutions across the world and developing a more sustainable business model. An initial 5,000 copies of the game are being produced.

Inigo Canalejo,  the Sustainability Director, EMEA at  Brambles said:

“As supply chains enter a new age of complexity, the world relies on having excellent professionals that can develop lean and sustainable supply chains. This social enterprise has an unmatched reach and impact, and we are honored to support it. We feel we have a responsibility, as we help more companies move products through the supply chain than anyone in the world. CHEP are proud to sponsor this new edition of Business on the Move, which greatly reflects the truly global nature of today´s trade and will help inspire thousands of young minds to develop a career in logistics and supply chain management”.   

Organisations, either interested in games for their own internal training use or wishing to donate a class set of four games into their local school, are invited to purchase the new global edition through the SHOP page of the game’s website at