The social business model canvas is just the business model canvas reinvented with a few little changes to make sure you’ve thought about every angle of your social enterprise.

It helps you identify who your beneficiaries should be, develop a clear pathway for the kind of social impact you want to have and measure your impact, ensure you have a compelling business which will encourage customers to consider the social value of their purchase and plan how your profits will be spent.

A few tips for you when filling it out:

  • Make sure your target segment and value proposition are linked, the canvas is hierarchical, the relationship between target segments and value propositions are the variables that drive the rest of the Canvas. A useful tool here is to develop an avatar for both your customers and beneficiaries (or a couple for each). This technique allows you to see what your potential customers and beneficiaries are doing currently to fulfill their need, it also makes them more human and you can see their needs and rationale for working with you or buying from you much more clearly. For more information on developing your avatars click HERE
  • Consider your target segments journey with you, storyboarding is a really useful tool to think about the scenario in which someone will become a beneficiary or consumer. Consider the AIDA model: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, to map out the steps someone will take before they take action if this is a potential consumer this could be a sales funnel. Find out how to use the AIDA model HERE.

  • Don’t hesitate to edit it and fill it out along the way! Don’t think that once you’ve filled it out that’s what you have to stick to forever. The market you are operating in will change and the needs of your beneficiaries will likely change too, the best business models have the ability to adapt to change. Find out more common mistakes made when filling out the canvas HERE.


Your Programme Improvement Manager is here to support you if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. For more resources on developing a project CLICK HERE.