Taking on the role of team leader can be a daunting task, for those who are just beginning to get to grips with the role, finding their feet and getting to know what kind of a leader they want to be; here is a little bit of motivation from our outgoing team leaders, who wanted to share some of their sage words of wisdom and let you know what they got out of the role:

Elyza Habeeb Rahman, Team Leader, Enactus UEA:

For me as a team leader, it was about self-growth and building confidence. When I first started off, I had no clue what I was in for and whether I’d be able to manage the team. Enactus helped me build my own self-confidence, as well as allowed me to help others in my team build their confidence by providing opportunities to them.

Being able to see the growth of each individual in the team has to be my favorite part of being the team leader of Enactus UEA. It was a privilege and I’m overjoyed to see the progress and successes the team and each individual achieved over the past year.

Phoebe Dunklin, Team Leader, Enactus Nottingham

I joined university as an English student, and an aspiring writer. Then I applied for Enactus Nottingham. I am now about to graduate after four years at university, with an undergraduate degree in English, and a Masters in Sustainable Business. I have a graduate job with one of Enactus UK’s sponsor companies.

I have learnt team work, team leadership, how to motivate others and myself. I’ve learnt the importance of doing, and the impact that I can have on my surroundings. If I was to continue listing all of the skills I gained from my time in Enactus I still wouldn’t feel like I’ve done it justice.

Raudhah Nazran -Enactus Essex

I have learnt that being a leader requires you to be strong. For your team’s strength is based on your strength. You need to lead by example, and when all hope is lost, you need to be the one that provides hope for the team. The power of leadership is the power of positively influencing your team that after hard work and late nights, the one last ingredient of success is to have faith. For faith, is what brought Enactus Essex to Finals this year.

Dan Lewis, Team Leader, Enactus Reading

I have been able to grow as a person whilst pushing my team to create positive social change in both local and international communities. I feel that Enactus has enabled me to become much more confident and reassured in my own actions and decisions.

I’ve become more resilient throughout the year and now welcome each new challenge as I know that surpassing it means that we are one step closer to making a difference.

We can’t wait to welcome all incoming team leaders to our leadership summit next week, but if you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll be live-streaming parts of the day and you can keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.