Let’s Change the World Together!

Enactus is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. Enactus UK provides a platform for over 60 teams of outstanding university students in the UK to create community development projects that put people's own ingenuity and talents at the centre of improving their livelihoods.

To make sure you are prepared to lead or support a team, login to access all the resources you need to have a successful year, and keep an eye out for new resources and online modules!

What's New on the Resource Centre?

National Competiton

Everything you need to know about our national competition, the audit process, new criterion and how to present your impact, as well as training on writing your script, producing your AV presentation and creating an annual report.

Project Training Weekend

You can download all of the reesources and slide decks from the London, Glasgow and Nottingham Project Training Weekends here:

Social Shifters

Social Enterprise Institute joined us at the Glasgow Proejct Training Weekend and want to give all of you access to their new platform Social Shifters! Theres tonnes of resources here, click to check them out...

Enactus Criterion

Make sure your projects are going to perform well at nationals! This year the Enactus Criterion has changed a little bit, follow this link to watch a breakdown of it explained by us and the new judging sheet...

Individual Topic Competitions

Each year our platinum partners support projects with grants and mentoring that align with a specific team, check out the overviews and application forms here

Launching the Project Portfolio

The project portfolio is a list of many of the projects running from teams across Enactus UK, and what support each project is currently looking for to help take them to the next level, you can apply to work with a specific project here too!